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We are proud to welcome Annette Thomas to our team. The are many reasons that she is a valuable asset to Skin Essentials@Broadway Center. The last three businesses that she has opened have all been in skin care. Basic skin care in her words, which means taking care of the skin you are in. That doesn’t mean only washing your face with soap and water. It means making a commitment to caring for your skin. Thomas continues by saying that if you want a great healthy body, you join a gym. You make a commitment to yourself. You commit to more than once a month to keep your body healthy and looking good. Just like with your skin, you have to treat it more than once a month to keep it healthy. Healthy means that your skin is smooth and glowing with a spotless complexion. 
Thomas spent most of her time in skin care in Beverly Hills, California. She has worked with celebrities and high profile clients, where looks were incredibly important, but it also had to appear as if it all came naturally. Her goal was to keep everyone looking beautiful but not cosmetic. 
In November, Thomas decided to help open a fourth skin care business. To do this, she joined well respected plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway and his team at Skin Essentials@Broadway Center. The new suite is located in Castle Rock, Colorado with a view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and a town with great opportunities. At the new suite, a number of treatments are offered including microdermabrasion and O2 facials. Injectables and microneedling are also available. Products are also available for skin care treatments at home.